About Us...Our Story

Our investment journey began when I bought my first property - a townhouse. I never realized how much owning a house would cost beyond the mortgage and utilities! So, I rented one of the empty rooms (since I couldn't afford to furnish it anyway). My empty townhouse filled up quickly when my new husband and his kids moved in a few years later. Needing to move immediately for school zones, having very little reserve funds to cover two mortgages, plus the lack of time to fix up and sell a home, put us in the right situation to rent the townhouse. After a few lessons learned the hard way, countless hours of sweat equity, and several additional properties later, I realize we had created a property investment company.


As a teacher and coach, the business, as well as our family, grew to more than I could handle in my limited spare time. We now are considered full-time investors with Tolbert Investments and have branched out with another company -  BYNGAM Property Services (www.byngam.com) to assist other investors and homeowners prepare or maintain their properties for market (sell or rent).


Tolbert Investments does more than just buy houses. Each of our homes and tenants have a unique story of how and why they became a part of our portfolio. We understand the value of having a relationship with our tenants. We know their kids, dogs, parents, friends and neighbors and they know us. We do not contact anyone direct to purchase their home unless it is listed on MLS, auction, with a wholesaler or they have contacted us (through a friend). If you are receiving calls and emails about your home and have not actively sought to sell, this is NOT our company. We only service the Great Birmingham, AL area. 


We are passionate about what we do.

We don't just buy houses - we invest in properties, people and lifestyles.