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Our investment journey began when I bought my first property - a townhouse. I never realized how much owning a house would cost beyond the mortgage and utilities! So, I rented one of the empty rooms (since I couldn't afford to furnish it anyway). My empty townhouse filled up quickly when my new husband and his kids moved in a few years later. Needing to move immediately for school zones, having very little reserve funds to cover two mortgages, plus the lack of time to fix up and sell a home, put us in the right situation to rent the townhouse. After a few lessons learned the hard way, countless hours of sweat equity, and several additional properties later, I realize we had created a property investment company.


As a former teacher and coach, the business, as well as our family, grew to more than I could handle in my limited spare time. I am now a full-time investor with Tolbert Investments and have recently started BYNGAM Property Services (www.byngam.com) where I help other investors and homeowners prepare their properties for market (sell or rent).


Tolbert Investments does more than just buy houses. Each of our homes and tenants have a unique story of how and why they became a part of our portfolio. We understand the value of having a relationship with our tenants. We know their kids, dogs, parents, friends and neighbors and they know us.


We are passionate about what we do.

We don't just buy houses - we invest in properties, people and lifestyles.

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